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A family tradition of over 100 years producing pasta. Moccagatta starts to shape its own history over a hundred years ago, when a dreamer young man, Rocco Moccagatta, decided to embark himself into a major challenge: the pasta business.

Producing the highest quality pasta to deliver Italians the taste of difference was indeed what Rocco called "the pursuit of the excellence" A path that he has begun to take when operating a family biscuits factory named Biscottificio Moderno, placed in Ovada.

His entrepreneurial creativity and deep passion to develop the finest pasta led to the establishment of the first Pastificio factory in 1908.

Over the years, new generations that, like Rocco, also shared its motto and love for the pasta business, have joined Moccagatta's mission and continued to explore on the path to the excellence and the highest quality. Their daily work keeps writing the next chapters in Moccagatta history.

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